Music Lessons FAQ

Q. How much do you charge for music lessons?

A. Private one on one lessons are $60 per hour, $45 for forty five minutes, $30 for a half hour lesson. Group lessons are discounted on a case by case basis.

Q. How many lessons do I need to sign up for?

A. You can sign up for one lesson if you’d like to. In order to secure a regular time slot it is suggested that you sign up for lessons by the month.

Q. How old does a child have to be to take lessons?

A. There is no minimum age, it depends on the person. I have taught lessons to students as young as two years old, everyone can learn something.

Q. Can I use a keyboard or a piano for “piano” lessons?

A. You don’t need to own a real piano to take lessons, you can use an electric keyboard to practice on. If you do get serious about playing piano you can purchase one at that point.

Q. Do I need to learn guitar on an acoustic first?

A. No, you can learn on either an acoustic or an electric guitar.

Q. Do I have to read music notation a lessons?

A. You do not have to read music if you don’t want to, there are many things to learn. I have found that most students learn to read more easily than they expected to.

Q. Do I need to own an instrument to take music lessons?

A. No, I can help you figure out a way to practice, and sometimes lend out an instrument to help you decide what you want to learn.

Q. Are students required to attend recitals?

A. No, students are never required to attend recitals nor are they pressured to perform if they wish to attend a recital to see other students perform.

Feel free to contact JWK Music for any other questions.